Grooming for the modern man. Serving the Cheltenham, Gloucester, Forest of Dean, Worcester, and Bristol regions. Travel charges of £10 or £20 may be applied depending on distance travelled.
Bespoke Treatments
At the heart of this service is your relaxation and satisfaction. Well-being should never be wearing. Yet it risks becoming just that if it requires too much effort on your part. Having to get in the car and face traffic, follow the diktat of your therapist’s schedule or endure another conversation about the weather is hardly worth paying for. With Monsieur Lisse, I will visit you at home making your life easier, more comfortable and less stressful.

As part of the professional service, I provide free consultations to all prospective clients to discuss the suitability of treatments. This is an essential and integral part of the service. Feel free to use the contact page to arrange a consultation, or you can call me on mobile ☎ 07852 857 261.

All prices include travel expenses within Cheltenham and Gloucester. To cover fuel costs, the following amounts will be applied; Cheltenham and Gloucester (no charge), Worcester and Forest of Dean (£10), and Bristol (£20).
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Waxing Treatments
Waxing is a semi-permanent method of hair removal. It involves extracting the hair from the root. Any regrowth is weaker and finer. Eventually, hair will simply give up and stop growing altogether.

Everybody’s hair grows at different rates but as a rough guide you would need to wax every 4-6 weeks. Waxing body hair is much better than shaving because the results last longer and the itchy stubble effect is massively reduced.

For those that engage in sports such as swimming, cycling and gym workouts, waxing can improve both the appearance of your body and your performance.

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Treatment Menu
Back35 Mins£30
Chest35 Mins£40
Abdomen35 Mins£30
Half arms incl. underarms20 Mins£30
Full arms incl. underarms35 Mins£40
Half leg30 Mins£30
Full leg50 Mins£45
Eyebrow tidy-up10 Mins£10
Toes15 Mins£10
Intimate Waxing Care
This treatment covers the entire area of the buttocks, the scrotum, pubic triangle and the penis. The client has complete control over which areas he wants to have waxed. Many men choose to leave a small area of hair above the penis unwaxed. The skin’s sensitivity to the heat is reduced by the use of intimate wax which adheres to the hair and not the skin.

Why have your groin area waxed? There are various benefits of intimate waxing. From a hygiene point of view, it’s easier to clean yourself after going to the toilet. It can also reduce friction between the buttocks which can lead to ingrowing hairs. Cyclists and rowers are particularly prone to this. Finally, it can improve your sex life by looking aesthetically more pleasing to your partner and eliminating the discomfort caused by pubic hair during love making.

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Treatment Menu
Intimate waxing40 Mins£40
Ultimate Man Facial
“All facials are pretty similar, right?” – err, no. This treatment differs because it specifically uses the best quality products on the market for men and will take account of your skin type.

As well as usual standard practices, it will include a steam, deep exfoliation, paraffin heat treatment to the face, removal of comedones (blackheads), a face-neck-shoulder massage and an eye-treatment.

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Treatment Menu
Ultimate Man Facial70 Mins£50
Indian Head Massage
This massage is the ultimate stress reliever. It involves a rigorous scalp, neck and shoulder massage which improves blood circulation to the head, drainage of toxins from the sinuses and relieves muscle tension. It goes a long way in helping hair growth, reducing eyestrain, preventing headaches and regulating sleep.

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Treatment Menu
Indian Head Massage35 Mins£30
Upper Body Massage
If there’s one part of your body that needs unknotting right now, it’s probably your shoulder area. Regardless of whether you work in an office or outdoors, it is your upper body that bears the brunt of poor posture and the need to drive. This massage will release trapped lactic acid in your muscle fibres and relieve the tension that constricts your movements.

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Treatment Menu
Upper Body Massage45 Mins£30
Full Body Massage
Think of this treatment as an MOT for your entire body. It irons out any tension in your muscles, gets your lymphatic system working at its optimum and improves blood circulation to the hands and feet. The use of vitamin-E rich massage oils leaves the skin glowing and prevents it from drying out.

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Treatment Menu
Full Body Massage90 Mins£50
Paraffin Treatments
No! – there’s no flammable liquid involved ☺
These treatments involve using heated paraffin wax to relieve chronic joint pain and to relax stiff muscles. Applying paraffin wax to an area (say the shoulders or the lower legs) will increase blood flow and sooth away any aches and pains. In addition, the heat will open the pores of the skin and the wax will absorb any impurities. Skin is left smooth, hydrated and cleansed. Paraffin treatments are routinely included in manicure and pedicure treatments.

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Treatment Menu
Paraffin Treatments40 Mins£30
Eyebrow Threading
This technique involves removing hair from the eyebrow area using a twisted thread. No other chemical products are needed. It’s a good alternative to waxing where the skin is sensitive. The thread pulls the hair from the root which means that the hair takes longer to grow back. Threading is much quicker and less painful than tweezing because a whole line of hair can be removed in one go.

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Treatment Menu
Eyebrow Threading10 Mins£5
Luxury Manicure
Your hands take a great deal of punishment throughout the week and quickly start showing signs of neglect. Chapped skin, brittle nails, damaged cuticles and dry itchy skin are just a few of the symptoms of overworked hands. A manicure which includes a choice paraffin heat or hand mask treatment and a massage will restore skin moisture and bring your cuticles back to life.

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Treatment Menu
Luxury Manicure40 Mins£30
Luxury Pedicure
Oh … those poor feet!
Unfortunately, we’re all a little guilty of forgetting about those very feet that keep us moving. Hard skin, athlete’s foot, water retention … do they sound familiar? It’s simple really. If you love your feet, they will love you back. This treatment which includes a paraffin heat or mask application will remove the hard skin, restore the moisture and improve blood circulation to the Southern most part of your body. If you suffer from cold feet then this treatment may be your saviour.

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Treatment Menu
Luxury Pedicure40 Mins£30
Sienna X Tanning
We have a lot to be proud of in Britain - Great TV, Cadbury’s chocolate, delicious asparagus etc. Yet we drew the short straw when it came to sunshine. Never mind. A nice fake tan will see you right and brighten up your day.

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Treatment Menu
Sienna X Tanning30 Mins£30
OUR PHILOSOPHY: Times have changed. Expectations have changed. And so has male grooming. Long working hours, a hectic lifestyle and a growing social circle don’t leave much space in the week to recharge your batteries. Yet being good to your body is perhaps the most important thing you can do. Monsieur Lisse has a straightforward approach – You. Everything from the advice given down to the chosen massage technique is aimed at fulfilling the needs of the modern man. I am a professional well-travelled male therapist who understands the importance of looking and feeling great. I will look beyond the treatment and give you honest sound advice when you need it.
Becoming a Client
1. How can I contact you?
You may write a message using the contact page or alternatively phone for a consultation. All emails and messages left will receive a response.

2. Which areas do you serve?
I provide treatments in the areas of Cheltenham, Gloucester, Evesham, Stroud and Tewkesbury.

3. What is an initial free consultation?
An initial free consultation involves obtaining information in person about the types of treatments you are interested in.
4. What is your cancellation policy?
You may cancel a treatment as long as you provide 24 hours’ notice.

5. Do I need to provide anything for the treatments?
I provide all the equipment needed for the treatment which includes a portable couch and towels. The only thing you may need to provide is hot water.

6. Are you insured?
All treatments are fully insured.
7. How clean is the equipment used?
All tools used during treatments are sterilised using industry-approved techniques. The couch cover is replaced for each client and then covered with a fresh sheet of couch roll. Towels are separated and sent for laundry after each use. I wash my hands thoroughly after each treatment to prevent any cross-contamination with other treatment areas.
8. How can I prepare for a waxing treatment?
You can prepare for a waxing treatment by ensuring that the length of the hair to be waxed is at least 0.5cm long. If the length is shorter, then the wax may not succeed in extracting the root which defeats the whole objective of the treatment. It is also wise to use an exfoliator on the area to be waxed a day before the treatment as this helps remove dead skin and frees any ingrown hairs on the surface layer of the skin. Deodorants, body oils and moisturisers should be avoided before a wax treatment. If you are having an intimate wax, you should shower and dry the area thoroughly before the treatment.
9. Do any conditions prevent me receiving a waxing treatment?
Yes. It is very important that you are honest about any conditions you may have or medication you are taking as these may be contra-indicated for waxing treatments. You must inform me if you have any underlying skin conditions like acne, dermatitis or psoriasis to name but a few. Waxing should never be performed over moles, wounds, scaring that is less than 12-months old or in cases where the client is prescribed Retin-A, Accutane, Renova, Differin or any other skin thinning medications. If you suffer from diabetes, poor circulation or varicose veins, you must point this out to me at the consultation stage, as this can increase your susceptibility to infection.
You must be completely upfront about allergies, such as nut allergies, as the ingredients contained in the products I use could cause an adverse reaction if applied to your skin.

10. How painful is a wax treatment?
There is no definitive answer to this as this entirely depends on your pain threshold and area of skin to be waxed. Waxing involves pulling the hair with its root out of the skin using heated wax. This action, coupled with the high temperature, causes the body to send blood to the area being waxed as a natural defence mechanism. The resulting redness is called erythema and it’s completely normal. This will calm down after a day.
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